Quick Guide

Take a quick tour of AutoCleanFolder

You should set up your cleanup rules the first time you use AutoCleanFolder.

  • Click the Add Folder button in the Auto Clean Settings interface.
  • Select a Folder.
  • Set the file validity period. for example, If set to 30 days, files that have not been accessed in the last 30 days will be included in the cleanup list. Click the Save button to save your cleanup rule.
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Next you can select the automatic cleanup frequency, which is set to daily cleanup by default.

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Click "Start Auto Cleanup" and now you’re all set for automatic cleanup. Just wait for the App to perform the cleanup and to notify you for your approval for deletion of the expired files.

You can start the cleanup immediately by clicking the “Clean Now” button.

When AutoCleanFolder completes scanning your folders, it sends you a notification if certain files are expired and need to be reviewed before removing them.

Review the files in the review interface and indicate that you agree to their deletion. Once you have finished your review, click the Confirm Cleanup button.

AutoCleanFolder will delete files according to your review feedback.

After the file cleanup, you can view the report of the cleanup in the logs interface.