Auto Cleanup Trash

AutoCleanFolder can also clean up your Recycle Bin. You can select this option in the "Trash" interface and select a file validity date for the Recycle Bin.

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When AutoCleanFolder removes files to the Recycle Bin, the access time for those files is set to the current time, and the file's validity period is recalculated. For example, if you have set a 30-day validity period for the ~/Downloads folder, and the Recycle Bin is also valid for 30 days, files inside the ~/Downloads will be moved to the Recycle Bin after not being accessed for 30 consecutive days, and will be completely removed from the Recycle Bin after another 30 days.

If Auto Clean Trash is enabled, the Recycle Bin will also be cleaned up whenever automatic cleanup is executed. Files in Recycle Bin also need to be approved for deletion.