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Batch Delete Your Files Older than N Days

AutoCleanFolder can scan your folders regularly to find and remove long unused files, You can easily to set up your clean up rules, find out files older than N days, and review them before deleting.

The Features


You can customize the rules and implement regular batch clean-ups, such as setting a 30-day validity period for image files in Downloads and a 60-day period for other files.


Expired documents will be cleaned up after your review, and the clean-up function will automatically run every day, which is equivalent to having an automatic clean-up machine on your hard drive.


The app maintains the integrity of the project folder, which means that if there are any recently accessed files in the project folder, the entire folder will be retained.

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How it works

Files that you have not accessed for a long time may not be needed anymore. Our app can help you scan certain folders regularly. Based on the access time of each file, you can find files that you have not accessed for a long time. Once you have reviewed and confirmed these files, they will be deleted automatically.

AutoCleanFolder can help you clean up files such as temporary files in Downloads, AE's cache directory, Xcode's build directory and others.

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AutoCleanFolder vs Another Clean Tools

AutoCleanFolder offers a more professional and smarter way of cleaning up files and can automatically clean files that older than xx days, not just show you a list of files arranged by size.

What People Say

This is a great app. Since I started using it, I have never forgotten to clean up the many unnecessary files that I leave on my hard drive.

This app's file clean-up concept is very special. It deletes early files according to the file access time. Every day it helps me find files that I haven't used for a long time and lets me decide whether to keep them or delete them.

The reason I recommend this app is that it's very simple, lightweight and has no irrelevant functions.

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